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PCAT Biology Study Guide: 48 MUST-KNOW Questions

The following is a guest post from Sophia Stone at our partner, Next Step Test Preparation. Next Step provides representative PCAT practice tests and an online PCAT class.    If you ask 10 pre-pharmacy students what their favorite subjects are, most of them will... read more

How to Travel for an Interview

Woohoo! You got an interview! 🙂 But wait, this is your dream school 5 states away…what do you do?   I’ve personally had these exact thoughts when I got my interview for the school I’m now attending. I was in Kentucky at the time, and my school was in... read more

What is Next Step Test Prep? Is it Worth it?

So….you’re applying to pharmacy school, realize you need to take the PCAT, don’t know how to study for it, and then you run across all of the online courses. Which do you choose? Do they work? Are they worth it?   To be completely honest with you, yes, I do think... read more

It’s Winter Break!! What Should I Do?

When you finally take your last final, all the stress seems to disappear, you finally feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders…yep, it’s winter break! So, now what?   Well, it’s important to give yourself an actual “break,” but there are a few odds and... read more

What Can I Do for You?

Hi there!

I’m Alex Barker. I was in your shoes a few years ago.

I didn’t know if…

I could do well on the PCAT…

I would be asked to interview for pharmacy school…

I could even get into my top pharmacy school…


I graduated in 2012 with my PharmD, completed a PGY1 Residency in 2013, and now work as a full time Clinical Pharmacist.

And you can too. I know this because I did it 😉

This website is all about helping you become a Pharmacist who loves life.


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