Pharmacy School HQ

The resource for aspiring pharmacists. Whether you’re a

  • high school student wondering what the heck pharmacy is about

  • pre-pharmacy student hoping to get the edge

  • pharmacy student wondering about job placement or residency

  • non-traditional student determined to become a pharmacist

this is the place for you

Hi! I’m Alex Barker PharmD,
founder of Pharmacy School HQ

I’m a clinical pharmacist in Michigan. Here’s a little bit about me

  • Completed my PharmD in 2012
  • Completed Post-Graduate Training Year 1 (PGY1) in 2013
  • Published author (Amazon + online medical journals)
  • Podcaster at Pharmacy Life Radio (check it out on itunes by clicking here)
  • and I love comic books (American, Japanese and Koren) and I’m a Honeycrisp apples fanatic.


Pharmacy School HQ is what I wish I had when I started my pre-pharm journey


When I was in undergrad and in pharmacy school, there was a SIGNIFICANT LACK OF INFORMATION available. AND what info was available was from angry anonymous forum members on a certain doctor forum (you probably know what I’m referring to…).

I created this website to provide great info to you about becoming a pharmacist.


This place is focused on one thing :

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.01.18 PM

To help YOU become the best pharmacist imaginable

I write and vlog about all things pharmacy school related, and few other topics that are meant to help you rock at life.

Feel free to shoot me a message any time. (Scroll below)

Some Personal Stuff

I’m living the dream.

I married my dream girl in 2010. During my most difficult semester in pharmacy school.

My wife gave birth to my first daughter, Elizabeth (Izzie), in October 2011. During my infectious disease rotation.

My wife is boss.

Because after our first child, she gave me our second child, my wonderful Addilynn (Addie).

I would be honored if you reviewed this site for your benefit. If you have an interest in listening to a show about pharmacy life, please check it out here:


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