This is actually reposted from my PCAT Facebook Group. I wrote this in a rant form after reading some bozo write about how the pharmacy industry is going to implode on itself in 10 years.

The goal of this article is to give you a dose of reality (see what I did there?).


Are There Jobs in Pharmacy?


If you don’t suck!

(I’m about to go on a major rant right now, so please have patience with me)
There are FEAR-MONGERS out there who are EVIL.
They come in different forms. For this group, they are “analysts” and “reporters”. They use their “data” to convince you to be afraid of your future.
There was a very popular post last month that went viral about how there are fewer jobs for pharmacists.

There are STILL PLENTY OF JOBS in pharmacy
For example, go to and search “pharmacist”
See how many jobs?

[After I wrote this post on Facebook, I did an experiment:

I searched clinical pharmacist positions in Nashville TN to see how many jobs I could find in one month during December 2014.
I had 31 emails with listing over 120 jobs just from job openings on

I was shocked by this because of the rumors of “there’s no jobs in metro areas”]

And even if the market truly gets saturated, WHY SHOULD THIS DEFINE YOUR SUCCESS?

If you blame everyone else but yourself for your lack of success (like not getting a pharmacy job), you will have an awful career.

Do you want to know how to have a successful career, EVEN IF the market is saturated with tons of pharmacists?

Be outstanding.
Take an interest in other people.
Remember first names.
Make others more important than yourself.
These sorts of people are the ones who get:
first pick of job offers
highest job satisfaction

There are only “good” jobs available to those who rock.

Who rocks?

Students who give a crap about their future. Students who try to become involved in pharmacy and community service.
These students get the good jobs, promotions, and tons of others opportunities.

you hate working
you complain on a constant basis (employers hate this)
you don’t try to improve yourself or your career

My friend, if you are like this, your career days are numbered.
You will hate pharmacy, and grow to become something like the web’s frustrated pharmacist, or worse, lose your job.

Lose your job? Is that possible?

Heck yes.

Because soon, there will be a surplus of pharmacists across the nation. Managers can easily fire those with bad attitudes to replace with pharmacists with good attitudes.

Alright, enough ranting for now. Probably some of my words will be twisted or misunderstood, THATS OKAY! That’s why I’m here to help you.
I hope this convinced you that you CAN have a successful career in pharmacy, even if the “market is saturated”.

I hate that viral article btw. Makes me want to punch a clown.
That “journalist” has scared thousands of students with their career chooses. Fear is the worst possible motivator for making any decision.


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