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All things PCAT, your questions answered

I was once where you were.

I couldn’t find great info about the PCAT when I was in undergrad. It sucked.

When I took the PCAT, I was shocked at how much I didn’t know about what would be ON THE PCAT!!!

I want to help you get in pharmacy school. So I wrote these highly detailed articles about the PCAT.


I created articles about nearly every topic on the PCAT:

What is the PCAT? – PCAT Breakdown
In this article, I share what’s on the PCAT, a percentage breakdown of subjects on each subtest

PCAT Biology Subtest PLUS 750+ Biology Terms you need to KNOW for free
There are a few biology updates on the PCAT that will influence what you need to study. Plus I give away 750+ terms for free

Best PCAT Study Guide
What’s the best PCAT study guide? You may be surprised.

PCAT Study Group
I started a study group on Facebook. It’s full of extremely helpful students who are studying for the PCAT or already took the PCAT. Join our group!

PCAT Registration
This page holds a video that shows step by step how to register for the PCAT.

My PCAT Story
I spill my guts about what my first PCAT event was like, and then my second attempt.

9 Tips to Prepare for the PCAT Test Day
Do you have a plan for what you will do on your PCAT Test Day?

PCAT Test Day
What is the test day actually like? Find out here

Cost of the PCAT
Think it’s just $199?
Think again

PCAT Score Explained
So you have your score. What does it mean?

Pharmacy Schools that Do Not Require the PCAT (2016)
The PCAT isn’t for everyone! Here’s a list of schools which do not require the PCAT

Should You Retake the PCAT?
Ack! Awful PCAT score? Here I answer a writer’s question about if she should retake the PCAT.

The PCAT Meditation and Focus Tactic
A simple study hack that takes 5 minutes and could increase your PCAT score significantly.

Getting Your PCAT Score as High As Possible
Learn what exactly you need to do to score high on the PCAT.

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